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A component of System of Care focusing on an individual level with youth and families, utilizing a family support provider who works directly with families to create a strengths-based approach to reduce out of home placement, school and home difficulties, involvement in the juvenile justice system, etc.

Wraparound is a planning process with a series of steps to help children and their families crystallize their hopes and dreams while bringing people from the community together from different parts of the whole family's life. The wraparound process also helps make sure children and youth grow up in their homes and communities. With help from one or more facilitators, people from the family's life work together, coordinate their activities, and blend their perspectives of the family's situation.

The Denton County Federation of Families utilizes the Wraparound process via a family partner. Our family partner empowers the parent/guardian to become an effective advocate for their child using general encouragement, guidance and training opportunities.  

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