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Use the selected documents below, collected from the 2006 Georgetown Training Institutes to learn more about systems of care.There are many more to go through and share but here are selections from developing and sustaining SOC, wraparound and individualization of care, and family and youth involvement to start off with!

Developing & Sustaining SOC

USF study on the impact of policy
looks at the impact of policy on collaboration and what facilitates or inhibits collaboration

Avoiding fatal Flaws; Strategic Insights on Sustainability
Advice from 1st generation federally funded systems of care sites

USF RTC's Summary of Implementation Factors
for the development of a successful SOC

The Sustainability Study Report
Draft 6/06 report on sustainability and SOC, with valuable lessons learned

Organizational and system Supports
from the National Wraparound Initiative


Family and Youth Involvement and Leadership

Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health's Principles of Family Involvement

Involving Families Tip Sheet FFCMH

Partnering with Families Portland State University

Working definition of Family Driven Trina Osher & FFCMH

Youth Participation in Public Policy at the Municipal Level

Working definitions of Youth Guided & Youth Directed
Health Information Center


Wraparound and Individualization of care

Ten Principles of the Wraparound Process
developed by Eric Bruns and the National Wraparound Initiative (NWI)

Phases and Activities of the WrapAround Process NWI

Quality And Fidelity in Wraparound

Focal Point circular from Portland State University