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Grab It Space Shuttle ThumbnailGrab It Space Shuttle Letter Game
Grab the objects that begin with the same letter as shown in the space shuttle.  Make sure you look at all the pictures so you don't miss any of the objects.  This game tests letter recognition and initial sound fluency skills, and is a good game for preschoolers or kindergarten students.
From NASA For Kids - Kids Club - Level 1.

Not The Same game thumbnailNot The Same Game
Although the pictures look alike, they really aren't.  Compare the two pictures and click on the things in the picture on the right that are different.  This game tests visual discrimination skills, and is a good game for beginning students.
From NASA For Kids - Kids Club - Level 1.

What Comes Next game thumbnailWhat Comes Next Pattern Game
Can you figure out which object comes next?  Look at the example to identify the pattern; then click and drag the correct object into its place.  Be careful!  It gets harder as it goes up in levels. (3 levels)  This game tests patterning, sequencing and algebraic thinking skills.
From NASA For Kids - Kids Club - Level 1.

preparematch.jpg Pack It Up Matching Game
How prepared are you for a natural disaster emergency?  This matching game will give you an idea of what to include in your emergency kit.  Click on the cards to reveal what is on the other side.  Remember where each picture is so you can match up the pairs.  This game tests memory skills, and can be played by younger children.  This game is like Concentration.
From U.S. Department of Homeland Security - Ready Kids.

Stock the Chuck Wagon game thumbnailStock the Chuck Wagon Game
It is 1867 and you are preparing to go on a wagon train out West.  It is your job to go shopping and stock the chuck wagon.  Choose from the images of grocery items to find the 11 items that you would find on a chuck wagon in the 1860's.  Choose wisely, and remember, some items spoil.
From Texas Ranch House Interactive History.

River Crossing game thumbnailRiver Crossing Game
Crossing the rivers in the Old West was a dangerous task for a cowboy.  Drowning was a constant threat to livestock and cowboys.  Ferrying supplies across the river was time consuming and costly.  The rafts needed were often rickety and slow.  Ferrymen rented themselves and their rafts out for hire to help cowboys cross rivers.  Your goal is cross the river in as few moves as possible, being mindful that some things could not cross the river on the raft with others.  Another great Texas Ranch House Interactive History game from PBS.org

The Jamestown Adventure game thumbnailThe Jamestown Adventure Game
Its 1607 and you're in charge of the Jamestown settlement in Virginia.  Your job is to pick the best piece of land for the colonists from England to settle on, decide what type of structure to build, which type of people will work to build the settlement, and what types of crops to plant.  Along the way you will encounter Native Americans, class differences, and disputes over the interpretation of the charter granted to you by King James I.  You may consult a colonist, a native, or the Charter for help.  Choose wisely and the settlement will prosper, and your supporters in England will be happy.
From History Globe.

sodhouse.jpgBuild a Sod House Game
Imagine you and your family are settlers on the open prairie.  Your building supplies are limited to the resources around you.  You job is to build a sod house that will protect you and your family from your surroundings, and will stand up to the forces of time.  Answer questions that will help you build your sod house.  Click the Hint button for help with your decisions.  This game is a great educational game about early prairie settlers from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

George Washington Portrait Game ThumbnailThe George Washington Portrait for Kids Game
Let's solve a mystery!  Pretend you are a curator at the National Portrait Gallery, and you have come across what looks like the portrait of George Washington by famed artist Gilbert Stuart.  Only, you notice the portrait is incomplete.  Follow the clues to find the missing objects in the portrait.  Use the red spyglass to uncover hidden parts within the painting.  From the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery - George Washington.